Welcome To Perimeter Defence Systems (PDS)

Our equipment will help to ensure the security of any object – from a private home, small office to large commercial or public facility. PDS sensors will help you to timely detect and prevent damage to your business, private or public property.

We are not an engineering company, but a serial producer. Therefore, using our system, you get not only high quality equipment but also skilled staff training, regular equipment maintenance and high quality of service.Our company advises on the issues of design, installation and launching. Our experienced professionals will help you to assess and prepare your perimeter security projects.

Why Choose Us

  • 3 years warranty on our products
  • One of the most advanced products on the market
  • Ease to connect to any current security system
  • Our products detect intruders on their first attempts even before they get to the property
  • One of the narrowest microwave detection zones in the market (M-40; PDS 50)
  • Easy to adopt to difficult layouts (PDS Relief)
  • Maximum efficiency for lowest prices
  • London based company with full training support
  • Track record of fully operational systems in all over Europe


Our Happy Clients